TDH Updates: October 2015 – Artists Eric Davis and Chung Park

Artist Eric Davis

Artist Chung Park

The outdoor gallery continues to grow.  These two new works help tie in different corners of the property and add to the overall aesthetic of the house.  They complement the natural surroundings better than I could have imagined.  The pictures don’t really do them justice!

First, we have the Ruddy Kingfisher by artist Eric Davis.  Nothing about the subject matter or placement is random.  Anyone involved in the birding community in Korea (all 10 of us!) knows we’ve had a returning Kingfisher the last two summers.  It’s significant because it’s the bird that really got me to open my eyes and ears and look up at all the wildlife in the trees.  Bird watching also happens to be a great accompaniment to day-dreaming and sipping makoli, so ties in well with the other activities common around the house.

The infamous (first of many) blurry Kingfisher photo

Hanji paper gluing



Additionally, this back corner of our lot will soon be home to a giant pagoda in order to enjoy the aforementioned daydreaming, makoli-sipping and bird watching.  The four-foot Kingfisher will be a nice addition to the view of the house and bamboo forest from the pagoda.



Burning off the excess paper



The finished product


View from the (now) hammock (future pagoda)

Eric Davis was contacted specifically for this project for a number or reasons.  Sure he’s a friend, but after seeing the work he did for the Hongdae branch of Magpie Brewing Co. it seemed like a perfect fit.  These murals are not painted.  The design is drawn out on hanji paper first and then the paper is glued-on in layers and the extra bits are burned off.  Pretty cool process and a unique addition to the garden!

Eric Davis’ work at Magpie Brewing Co. (Hongdae)

Artist Chung Park is a good friend of The Damyang House and someone we’ve worked with quite a bit in the past.  He gets our aesthetic (our we get his?).  Needless to say he’s our current go-to artist for any work that needs to be done around the house.  Chung recently returned from showing at the 2015 Asia Comtemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, frequently shows in Seoul and has even had a couple of shows here locally at The Salt Art Gallery in Gwangju.  Dude is everywhere.

Initial sketches

Getting started

Painting begins





His latest mural is the product of a very brief and vague conversation about “Korean-looking fish” and we couldn’t more pleased with the outcome.  Fish are of course important because of nearby Gwangju Lake, but similar to the birds (sotdae) on the opposite side of the house, they needed to be filtered through a Korean lens. The result is this school of fish which is the first thing you see when you open the kitchen door.  Boom!

 Magpie Brewing and Chung Park

These two projects (and many others!) happened simultaneously over the Chuseok holiday in September of 2015.  It’s beyond words how fun it was to watch these two works materialize over the course of a few days.  The entire experience from consultation to completion is thrilling and we’re happy to be a part of the process.  Thanks to the artists and everyone else that contributed to a fun and memorable weekend.

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