Restaurant Review: Damyang Flower Ddeokgalbi (담양애 꽃 떡갈비)

I’m sure you’re painfully aware, like the rest of us, that Damyang is equally famous for and proud of the minced meat paddies known as ddeokgalbi (떡갈비).  It’s ubiquitous.  Personally I find most of it overpriced and not all that great.  In fact my favorite ddeokgalbi in Damyang can be found at a restaurant known for grilled fish (Dega/대가).


Damyang “Flower” Ddeokgalbi was recently referred to me by a friend, but has been on my radar for awhile because it’s consistently busy.  It’s hard to ignore their success.  So…I’ll save you the effort of reading the rest of this post:  it’s surprisingly clean, delicious, well priced and a place I’ll gladly take out-of-towners when they want to try some of the local flavors.


Walking in the restaurant it was instantly clear that it’s much bigger than it looks.  That explains the seemingly large parking lot in front!  Before you’re seated you’ll have to choose your set menu.  Pretty easy as it’s a ddeokgalbi restaurant serving ddeokgalbi.  Basically choose between beef, pork or a mix of both (the mix is recommended…called 반반정식, or the top right of the menu).

Once seated things start to happen pretty fast.  The banchan comes out first and is pretty damn impressive.  It consists of a lot of the usual suspects (kimches and namools) and is fresh and flavorful.  The server will recommend which to eat with the ddeokgalbi, but you’d be hard pressed to mix something “incorrectly”.



Shortly after, the ddeokgalbi will arrive.  Don’t panic if you’re trying to maintain that plus-size figure as additional paddies are cheap at 3,000 for pork and 6,000 for beef!


To top it off you’ll get some soup (된장), a bit of fish (고등어) and rice with bamboo shoots (죽순).


Dessert is where things got a bit weird.  Purple sweet potato tea anyone?

All said and done it was 30,000 for two people and we were stuffed.  Add some booze and an extra order of ddeokgalbi and you’re still under 50k for a memorable dinner.  At 13km, it’s also a quick drive or a scenic bike ride!  Here’s the directions and here’s the view:



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