Mudeung Swimming Holes!

We had been hearing rumors of a few nice swimming holes in the area for weeks (thanks for the tip Geoff!).  Busy summer schedules, vacations and wet monsoon weather kept us from actually locating them…until last week.  Hosting Chuseok weekend for 20 of our closest friends was the perfect opportunity to go exploring and find them.  The stretch of river just inside the Mudeung National Park entrance (the 원효계곡 entrance) offers a variety of swimming holes varying in size, depth and available shade.  It’s about 4km from the front door of the house (or 3km from Eco-Park), look for the Buncheongware Museum turn off down a gravely road (분청사기전시길).
What a treat they turned out to be.  So bummed we didn’t get there until practically the end of summer!  More specific directions can be found here or under the “swimming” page of this blog. 

2 Replies to “Mudeung Swimming Holes!”

  1. I can take a bus up into that area, but it’s been uyears. I used to go camping, fishing, and swim in the Gwangju Ho …which someone told me is a resevouir and recreational activities are probably not permitted. I’ll check the directions, but it seems like I can get off at the park/museum and hike around. -PG

    1. Hey Peter! Yeah it’s a great area. Gwangju Lake (and most lakes around Korea) is indeed a reservoir, but used for agriculture only. Loads of people fishing there all summer and in my four years I’ve never had any trouble at all. I take my canoe out all the time as well and often see other small fishing boats…anything under 5hp is permitted as far as I know. Again I’ve never had any trouble with it. If you make out to this area hit me up!

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