Restaurant Review: 지실리애 (Hand-Made Tea)


This former BBQ restaurant (숫불갈비), no more than a five minute walk from the house, was the kind of place that made you NOT want to visit.  I had walked/driven/cycled by it a million times over the last couple of years and could never really tell if it was a functioning restaurant and open for business or…something else.  It had that run down “given-up” look to it.
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Tourist Attraction: Local Food (Grocery Store)


The title of ‘tourist attraction’ might be a bit of a stretch, but this store is worth a look if you want some local products to eat during your visit or take back home with you.  This isn’t your average grocery store (although they have recently expanded and added a large, more traditional ‘mart’ to the space), but instead functions somewhat as a cross between a co-op and a farmers market.  The amount of seasonal local goods from around Damyang County they have for sale is impressive.  Bamboo leaf-fed free range eggs?  No problem.  Bamboo shoot sausage and ddeokgalbi from Damju Brewery?  Of course.  Bamboo alcohol to wash everything down?  For sure.

All sorts of sticks, herbs, berries, produce, snacks and just about everything in between is offered as well.

They close a bit on the early side (7pm), but it’s worth a visit if you pass by during business hours.  It’s located at the Goseo intersection, which is about 6km north on road 887.  Here’s the google map link.

Local Products

Local Products

Local Products

 Meats (domestic only)


 Not-So-Local Products

 Parking Lot (behind the building)

Bamboo Leaf-Fed Free Range Eggs

 Bamboo Alcohol

 Bamboo Sausage

Bamboo Ddeokgalbi