Hiking: Mudeung National Park (Shinseondae) – Dog Friendly Route


 December Hiking


Mudeung National Park (or any NP for that matter) doesn’t exactly scream “dog friendly”, but Mudeung is unique in a few key ways that make it a bit more accessible for you and your pup.  In short, it’s very large and was only recently given national park status.  Provincial parks, Mudeung’s former rank, aren’t as heavily funded and therefor lack the strict regulations found in national parks.  They’re usually free so there is no reason to limit the number of access points and trailheads leading into the mountains can be found in just about every village in the countryside.  We have one right in our front yard that connects to Sosaewon, Shikyoungjung, and a massive network of trails throughout the surrounding mountains.  These types of trails are dog friendly and usually much less crowded!

The point is Mudeung is now a national park, but many of these old trailheads are still maintained and used (many have been blocked off as well).  They are official park entrances, with maps and trail markers, but no ranger station…and thus easy access for you and your dog.

This particular park entrance doesn’t even say dogs aren’t allowed, but let’s not get carried away.  Keep your dog on a leash, pick up their poop and don’t let them kill any of the wildlife.  Let’s not exploit the situation too much.Getting to this tailhead (사봉실마을) isn’t terribly difficult.  It’s about 7km from the house.  Head out of the village and take a left on the main road (887).  Just after the Mudeung National Park Eastern Office, take a right on the smaller village road.  Follow the sings for 자비암 and you’ll run into the traihead…you can’t miss it.

No parking lot, restrooms, restaurants, marts or anything else so plan ahead.  From here you will follow the trail markers for 북산 (Buksan Peak). 신선대 (Shinseondae) is just after the peak and a great place for a rest and some photos.  The trails beyond Shinseondae connect with some of the more heavily traveled routes so if you have a dog you may want to find another route or head back the way you came.



The hike to the top takes about 90 minutes.  The views are pretty good from the start, but obviously get better the higher up you go!  It’s pretty much uphill the entire time, but not as steep as other trails in the park.  Not many people on this trail so enjoy the peace and quiet~







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    1. Hello! Good to hear. It’s not always easy with dogs so we’re always on the lookout for new options. This route to Shinseondae is fantastic. Enjoy!

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