Hiking: Chuwolsan Provincial Park – Dog Friendly

Chuwolsan is somewhat of a no-brainer in terms of hiking.  It’s easy to find, has facilities, and as a provincial park it’s not too strict with dogs.  All trails from the parking lot lead straight up the mountain and it can be steep so if stairs aren’t your thing, maybe give this one a pass.  The views are killer though if you do make up to the top, or even part of the way!

From the main parking lot (red dot) you do have an option or two, but they all sort of end up on the same mountain ridge.  I usually follow the signs for 보리암 (Bori-Am) and hike until I (or my dogs) get tired.  It can get crowded during peak season/weekends, so if you do have your dogs be mindful that many Korean hikers won’t be too thrilled to share the trail with your dog, no matter how “cute” he/she is.

 Start of the trail

 About 1/3 of the way up


Near the top

 Damyang Lake


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