I focus mostly on bass fishing here because it’s by far the most accessible around Jeollanam-Do and requires the least amount of specialized gear and/or know-how.  Bass fishing rod-and-reel setups are affordable and readily available at any of the fishing stores around town.  A few thousand won will get you some hooks and lures and you’re ready to go.  If you’re not ready to financially invest in your fishing career, feel free to grab a rod from the storage unit and try your luck down at the lake during your stay.  No permit needed.


There are other options around Jeolla-Do, but I do most of my fishing at Gwangju Lake because it’s by far the most convenient to the house (10 minute walk), the fishing is excellent, the views of Mudeung National Park never get old and the sun sets right across the lake from the best fishing spots.

The use of non motorized boats is permitted.  I use a heavy duty inflatable canoe that I can carry down to the water and set up on my own.  Plenty of space for friends, dogs, a cooler of beer or whatever else I want to take out on the lake for the afternoon.

The Tango Zpro 300 (3-man inflatable canoe)


광주호 / Gwangju Lake

As previously mentioned, this is my go-to spot for a variety of reasons. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, even if you don’t catch much.  There are plenty of access points along road 887 that will get you to the water’s edge. The first access point, and the one closest to the house, is right where the metal guard rail ends if you’re heading north on road 887. There’s even a telephone pole there if you want to lock your bike. Follow this short trail down to the water and from there you should be able to navigate along the edge of the lake to find a comfortable spot. These old fishing trails leading to the water are all along the road…just keep your eyes peeled (there’s another good trail just past Hoban Restaurant about 1km further down the road.  I find this one the easiest with the boat.).

Great sunset views

Summer 2015 water levels were low…this is usually water!

Just behind the dam

 Biggest catch.  Caught at the fishing spot closest to the house!

Every.  Single.  Night.